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  • 5 Reasons Women Keep Attracting And Dating Bottom Feeders.
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  • Why do some women date losers/ bottom feeders? - axodymukex.tk Community Forums.

It boils down to whether or not he's a decent person, IMO. That said, people who have decent jobs, etc.

So yes, maybe they are jerks, but just because you got into a relationship with them doesn't mean you're into jerks. I would of course never date a man who has obvious issues from the get-go. Also, I never thought of dating a man who was less educated than me in deliberate terms, in order to control him or whatever.

That never even crossed my mind.


5 Reasons Women Keep Attracting And Dating Bottom Feeders

And if anything, I always wanted us to be equal partners and to make decisions together, etc. But often, men who are less educated, feel intimidated and bitter about their gfs who are more educated, making more money, etc. The insecure ones anyway. I've also noticed that men who have higher education MA, PhD or have successful careers, often don't want a woman who is on an equal footing with them ; they want a less educated, less successful woman because it makes them feel powerful, etc. It's sad and speaks for people's insecurities, really.

If you're asking why they're dating unattractive losers I have no answer for you. That's a broken girl right there my boy. Originally Posted by sweetkiwi.

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Originally Posted by NoMoreJerks. Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine. And there's plenty of guys who date loser women.

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Men aren't the only ones who can hang that big L around their neck. Originally Posted by aspiringuitarheroine. Why do some men? I'd say insecurity and low self-esteem, on both sides. Originally Posted by Woggle. Because these losers may have one or two nice traits usually superficial charm which make up for them being losers not for long though.

I also wonder my self, why I used to be with one. He was my least attractive boyfriend too. If I met him now, I would smack his head with a frying pan since day 1.

You Deserve To Say Fuck No To Bottom Feeder Love

I think I was being naive, inexperienced and didnt know that boyfriends can have a freaking black heart and actually harm you. Everyone gets what they think they deserve. Now standards have gone up to the sky! I think a lot of people are just happy to have someone. It is also true that many women feel they ought to prop up their men.

Originally Posted by Eggplant. My research involves assessing the links between stingray visitation to the provisioning site who is visiting and how often? We are currently inviting the locals and visitors of Jervis Bay to get involved in this research.

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We are asking for anyone who sees, or thinks they have seen, a short-tail stingray in Jervis Bay or surrounds to report it to us. If you do see one, take note of where you saw it and at what time, what it was doing and any distinguishing marks. If you can, snap a photo to send through to us too. You can read more about what to look for and how you can help here. These data will give us a bigger picture of what areas the rays are using throughout the bay.

In the future, we hope to use this data to acoustically track a number of short-tail stingrays, providing us with information on seasonal trends of movement, potential diel movements and shed light on key habitats in the bay for this species. If you would like to get involved in this research, head over to the project website.

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Thanks for the run-down on your interesting research. You should throw up that footage of the rays in the blowhole…a 30 second clip would be great! I have heard of a huge number of sites along the whole southern Australian coast where there rays are feeding on fishing scraps. If you did have footage of the rays in the blowhole that would be awesome!

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